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Connected Operations


Operational Sustainability, LLC integrates Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) to proactively monitor processes, assets, and conditions. Our OESuite™ solution delivers integrated, intelligent, real time decision support – at the point of work – and allows asset-intensive industries to leverage Internet of Things (IoT) data and technology. Achieving asset integrity, meeting EH&S compliance, managing risk, and improving production efficiency are all part of the journey to achieving Operational Excellence. We can help.
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We can assess the workforce you have today, determine your needs for tomorrow, and help you implement sustainable long-term workforce solutions to eliminate knowledge drain and improve operations.
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Asset Management

We take the complexity out of navigating asset management challenges – reducing risk, improving efficiency and equipment life, creating and sustaining operational integrity. See our Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution.
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Our mission is to ensure your company achieves success even when the rules and regulations seem to change overnight. From Work Permitting to Training programs to Management of Change, we deliver confidence in your compliance.
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Serving These Process Industries

Oil & Gas – Downstream

Oil & Gas – Upstream

Chemicals / Petrochemicals

Power Generation



Water / Wastewater

Food & Beverage

Client Success

SAP's Operational Integrity solutions, combined with OESuite™, deliver critical process information to ensure safe – but informed – work execution. Next generation APM guides the worker while capturing the modifications so they are updated in the asset profile to maintain one version of the truth."

SAP Global Oil & Gas Division