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Chemicals / Petrochemicals


Compliance regulations continue to tighten for the chemical and petrochemical processing industries. The low price of natural gas in the United States is helping to drive major new capital projects and expansions in this important sector. New construction and facility expansion or adaption adds complex operational change to an organization's operational landscape. In addition, the rapid retirement of the baby boomers, and the knowledge they take with them, continues to be a concern as companies must train their next generation of knowledge workers. The organizational and personnel change this creates is another challenge facing today's chemical companies. Global market instability and economic drivers such as Brexit mean the operating environment has risk that must be managed.

OESuite™ from Operational Sustainability gives chemical and petrochemical companies the tools they need to integrate business operations, realize efficiencies, and stay competitive. Our solution uses an out-of-the-box integration with leading data platforms and features a suite of mobile applications to create new connectivity between personnel and the information they need to work smarter and safer in real-time. From hazardous materials handling to work permitting to management of change, OESuite helps chemical and petrochemical companies meet compliance, environmental, workforce, asset management and process safety challenges successfully and sustainably.

OESuite™ key capabilities

  • Visual Operations

    The Visual Operations function allows you to drill down from Google Earth or a plot plan view through heat mapped areas (i.e., process units) to P&IDs or Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) to see information in layers (i.e., criticality, piping circuit, permits/certificates). A Heat Map is superb for identifying patterns of performance. Attention is drawn instantly to color-coded results on equipment objects, and it's easy to understand area size and location. Visual Operations offers the ability to aggregate and publish up custom information from objects such as equipment and permits or certificates. Additional layers such as Large Control Diagrams can be created for training and competency management. All information pertaining to an object can be aggregated up in OESuite.

    Visual Operations unifies all data in a visual context making it easy for Users to analyze information in near-real time. There is no limit to the information that can be aggregated.

    Our program has numerous benefits as follows:

    • Visual display of information
    • Analysis of impending threats (i.e., red, yellow, green)
    • Permits/certificates about to expire
    • Project congestion
    • Changes in damage mechanisms
    • Process parameters
    • Major control loops
    • Relief device set points
    • Safe operating limits
    • Consequences of deviation
    • Integrity Operating Windows
  • Mobility

    OS offers a comprehensive mobility platform to enable field data gathering, first report of incident, remote computer based training, work management, operator rounds, visual inspections and a host of other processes. All dashboards are automatically optimized for mobile tablets without any programming. Use familiar tablet gestures to view and interact with dashboards in mobile web browsers. Our mobility solution will allow the Users to use these functionalities even when no internet connection is available.

    Your data anywhere, anytime
    All reports or dashboards created via the browser are immediately and securely available on your mobile device. Refresh and analyze all your key performance indicators – wherever you are, whenever you need it. Flick through charts and graphs. Interact with, filter, sort and analyze your data – all with the touch of your fingers. You will love OESuite's mobile solution. Simply swipe to browse dashboards, filter with a tap of a finger, or pinch and zoom.

    Online or offline
    It might not feel like it, but there are times when you're not connected. Offline mode lets you enjoy a productive flight or work remotely from your vehicle with uninterrupted access to your data.


    • Online/Offline Capability
      • Today OESuite is fully mobile-capable online via tablet or phone (Microsoft)
      • Image capture
    • Heading toward BYOD
    • Augmented reality (heads up display)
  • Business Enterprise Analytics

    Our advanced analytics solutions turn existing data into predictive knowledge so you can enhance your reliability, services and experiences required to grow your business success. Whether through analytical models, architectural integration or strategy consulting, OS helps you solve problems and deliver system efficiency.

  • KPI Manager

    The KPI Manager module is key to summarizing and analyzing production and operating performance. It includes applications for on-demand data retrieval and powerful information-management features, and delivers context-sensitive links to related sources of information. OESuite™ provides a real-time solution framework for the collection, analysis and calculation of key performance indicators. It delivers the accurate and timely information you need to enhance visibility into your operations and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your resources.

    Our KPI Manager module provides accurate KPI data throughout your organization, enabling everyone to drive performance-improvement initiatives. It rolls up low-level performance indicators (such as unit-specific production generation) to high-level business objectives (such as site productivity or asset utilization). Drill Down – Drill Through or Drill Anywhere – even across multiple data sources. We don't put barriers between you and your data. Users can quickly drill down to view actual performance measures and respond appropriately.

    Instantly graph your data to identify trends and patterns. Provide context to your visualizations through Drill-Downs, Time-Sliders, Tooltips and Series Selection.

    • Improves visibility into operations:
      • Maximizes production and reduced downtime
      • Analyzes costs improves profitability
      • Improves asset availability and performance
    • Increases reliability of forecasts:
      • Empowers an understanding of the relationship between performance metrics
      • Reduces the gap between forecast and results
      • Improves response time to revenue-impacting events and incidents
    • Drives operational efficiency and asset performance


    • Assets hierarchy and seamless roll-ups of business KPI for events family
    • Custom calculations
    • Simple/advances formulas
    • CUBE calculation on event category breakdown for KPI
    • Messaging publication/subscription
    • Scheduling process
    • Online monitoring activities
  • Risk Registry

    Users can risk rank their corrective and preventative action (CAPA) items stemming for audits, process hazard analyses, incident investigations and other sources to put all action items on a level playing field. Even if you don't have a uniform risk ranking method, you can utilize our risk probability number function to normalize all risks. In addition, you can elevate compliance obligations to the highest priority by due date. Our risk registry unifies all risk into a single powerful dashboard for management to detect and mitigate looming threats before they manifest into incidents.

  • Asset Registry

    The Asset Registry allows you to create and manage your overall asset hierarchy, from organizational units (company, division, plant, unit, etc.) down through equipment, sub-assemblies and components. There is no limit to the number of levels you can create in the asset hierarchy. User can create an unlimited set of properties (i.e., year constructed, material of construction, diameter, design temperature), latitude/longitude, circuit groups, component information (i.e., inspection type, last date inspected), criticality (i.e., production, safety, environmental), inspection activities including OEM recommended inspection intervals, corrosion rate, remaining life, inspection points, thickness measurements, visual inspection results, equipment activities (i.e., history of MOCs, incidents, work orders, compliance tasks), and link process safety information (i.e., documents, pictures, isometric drawings).

    The Asset Registry is the backbone of the asset integrity, reliability, and maintenance (ARM) and emissions portion of the software solution, against which all performance criteria, events and activities are structured. Our solution seamlessly integrates with other standard industry solutions (ERP, CMMS, LIMS and Data Historians) to provide the information on asset availability.

    Our program has numerous benefits as follows:

    • Unlimited asset hierarchy level
    • Advanced active directory security with roles
    • Template-based model
    • OSIsoft® Connector
    • SAP® NetWeaver Connector
    • Capability to link ERP equipment definition