PHA / Quality Assurance Webinar

Best Practices for Quality Assurance Throughout Your PHA Project

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Cost: Free

When: May 9, 2017, 11:00am – 11:45am CDT

PHA best practices often involve process engineering expertise or methods to streamline and speed up the analysis. While these things are critically important, PHAs can suffer even greater damage due to a fundamental failing: poor project management. Poor project management can, in turn, deliver poor overall quality that may impact the entire project result.

This webinar will examine the key aspects of a full spectrum PHA Quality Assurance program. Learn how to ensure your PHA consultant actively, effectively manages your project rather than checking you off the list as soon as your purchase order number comes in. Explore real-world common failings that result in significant PHA issues including poorly constructed deliverables, exceeding PHA regulatory deadlines, and even having to reconvene the entire PHA team for a redo. After this webinar, you'll be able to ensure your company contracts and procedures require PHA consultants to manage PHA as a project with quality milestones for each phase – and not as a single transaction.

Key Webinar Focus / Agenda:

  • How to define the process, requirements, and reporting to support successful PHA projects
  • PHA quality management by lifecycle
  • Best practices in data capture requirements, communication protocol, and performance monitoring
  • Facilitator selection, PHA preparation and travel management
  • Preventing common real-world PHA failures
  • How technology improves outcomes and simplifies implementation