Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) Workshop

Implementing Risk-Based Inspection
Best Practices, Key Integrations, and New Approaches

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Cost: Free

When: March 16, 2017, 8:00am – 11:30am CT

Where: Towers at Westchase Conference Center, Towers at Westchase I, 10370 Richmond Ave., Suite 890, Houston, TX 77042

Workshop Overview
This workshop will educate attendees on the fundamentals of Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) along with the latest best practices and strategies.

Many companies make the investment to input machine and circuit data into software, only to find that their RBI solution isn't as sustainable as they would like. One of the keys to a sustainable, effective implementation is leveraging a powerful Management of Change (MOC) and visualization environment. In addition, effective solutions need to allow for the fact that some assets experience daily variations in feedstock, leading to a wider range of variability in resulting equipment degradation.

Workshop attendees will explore several approaches to implementing RBI, including following API 580/581, stream composition-based (less time consuming) and semi-quantitative RBI. In addition, OS will discuss how Integrity Operating Windows complement an RBI strategy. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a mini-corrosion study and to experience the results of implementing RBI via OS's industry leading OSSuite™.

RBI can be integrated with Turnaround Planning, and also with time-based inspection to leverage non-destructive examination data for validation. RBI results can be used to validate and safely extend the maximum 10-year interval per API 510 to 20-25 years in many cases.

Attendees will also see how OSSuite™ integrates RBI with Fitness for Service (FFS) using API 579-1 / ASME FFS-1, pressure relief system design (API 520) and damage mechanisms (API 571). The addition of cost optimization modeling shows the risk reduction achieved (and its value) versus the cost to implement RBI.

Key Workshop Focus / Agenda:

  • Fundamentals of RBI
  • The value of time-based inspection to RBI
  • Best practices in implementing RBI
  • Advances in RBI beyond traditional 580/581 thinking
  • How IOWs complement RBI
  • RBI Day In the Life Of (DILO) exercise
  • A demonstration of the field-proven OSSuite™ RBI solution