Work Permitting Webinar

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Cost: Free

When: Wednesday, November 15th, 2017, 11:00 am – 11:45 am CST

Work permitting is a complex business process with lots of permits and certificates that must be integrated with scheduling to pull off an efficient turn around. Most companies rely on paper-based systems that are highly inefficient. The key is to understand the state of permits and certificates at shift handover and to avoid having to re-create permits too frequently. A typical project may have as many as twenty permits and certificates with more than a dozen contractors involved, making it extremely difficult to stay on top of changes. Ideally, companies can leverage an electronic work permitting solution that is tied to the computerized maintenance management system; and is also integrated with a scheduling tool to track changes throughout the day (i.e. avoiding contractors beginning work without a proper permit). In addition, these tools must have an integrated risk assessment tool that allows for multiple levels of assessing risk along with an integrated pre-startup safety review (PSSR) capability. Last, this system should be able to verify that training records are current and push the training verification to a handheld computer for validation before commissioning a change.

These challenges are causing industry to seek out a more integrated approach to protect their brand value, while enhancing compliance, assurance and asset uptime. Operational Risk Management (ORM) strategy helps companies to enable effective decision support to avoid incidents while increasing operational efficiency.

This webinar will show you an effective electronic work permitting program. We will demonstrate ideal processes and walk through a Day In-The-Life (DILO) scenario for work permitting. Last, we will share some reporting strategies including a real-time dashboard for permit and certificate status within a project.

Key Webinar Focus / Agenda:

  • Best Practices in designing work permitting processes, policies and procedures
  • Key business processes and systems to integrate with electronic work permits
  • Work permtting DILO
  • Retooling to leverage ORM and an overview of a leading work permitting solution
  • Effective auditing of work permitting management systems
  • Key metrics and performance management considerations and a dashboard demo