Service Partners

Tailor-made to meet your needs.

The OS network of trusted service partners deliver additional expertise tailored to our client's objectives. Need comprehensive training programs? Integrated, standardized manuals and procedures? We can help.

  • Kenexis

    For design basis development for instrumented safeguards, such as safety instrumented systems (SIS) and fire and gas systems (FGS), we choose the industry pioneers at Kenexis. Kenexis has developed a comprehensive approach to the holistic design and implementation of instrumented safeguards, developing the tools and techniques that are required to develop good designs in this complex and highly quantitative field. Using the Kenexis approach, operating companies can develop instrumented safeguard designs that are standards compliant and provide the required level of risk reduction to achieve tolerable risk goals, but minimize capital and operating costs by avoiding over-design.

    The process for best-in-class instrumented safeguard design has been incorporated into OESuite™, starting with HAZOP and LOPA to define hazards that require safeguarding, and then leading into the SIS Safety Lifecycle Management module that allows for design development, and what-if analysis of design and maintenance options for achieving tolerable risk at the lowest cost. The designs are then documented in an evergreen fashion, facilitating maintenance, testing, and management of change activities.

    SIS safety lifecycle activities that are incorporated into the solution include:

    • Hazard and Risk Assessment
    • Allocation of Risk Reduction (Assignment of SIL Targets)
    • SIL Verification Calculations and Conceptual Design Review
    • Safety Requirements Specifications

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  • Systran, Inc.

    OS partners with Systran, Inc., an industry-leader for technical training, to deliver custom classroom training and computer-based training (CBT) courses from the Systran database. Through this partnership, OS leverages Systran's extensive knowledge and experience to offer training focused on process safety fundamentals, troubleshooting, specific equipment maintenance, operating procedures, and sound operator decision-making. Take the guesswork out of best practice training and competency to improve workforce knowledge, ensure compliance, and deliver results.

    SIS safety lifecycle activities that are incorporated into the solution include:

    • Customizable for client-specific policies, procedures, and equipment
    • Unit specific training
    • 3D virtual reality
    • Integrated process simulation
    • LOTO Training

    OS utilizes Systran's knowledge base to create customized, fit-for-purpose manuals, procedures, and training guides. The result is concise, effective procedures that contain the necessary details for existing workers to complete their tasks and for new employees to learn how to safely and competently operate equipment. Together, OS and Systran help companies reduce time to competency, enhance workforce knowledge, and improve overall safety.

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  • Huco Consulting

    With its software implementation experience and detailed understanding of organizational operations and EHS requirements, Huco helps with the setup, support and content of OESuite™, delivering a robust software solution for managing compliance, risk and performance efficiently. For each of its customers, Huco provides a simple and cost effective solution by leveraging past work, sharing between customers and focusing on the user experience and needs.

    Beyond the implementation, Huco provides long-term support to maintain and manage regulatory and organizational change to ensure operational excellence. The combination of OESuite's integrated software with Huco's experience offers companies a customized, sustainable managed service approach to reduce risk, improve reporting, and simplify end user management.

    Since its founding in 2008, Huco has enjoyed a diverse background and a successful track record helping a wide variety of US clients in industries such as O&G, energy, chemical, utilities, transportation, manufacturing, metals and pulp/paper. As an OS partner, Huco leverages its knowledge of environmental compliance and robust content – configured with industry specific templates – to give customers extraordinary results in sustainable compliance.

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  • ProSys

    OS partners with Prosys® an industry-leader for process control engineering, to deliver dynamic alarm management solutions for the chemical, petrochemical, refining, pulp and paper and oil and gas industries. Through a seamless integration with AgileOps™ from ProSys, OS leverages ProSys' extensive knowledge and experience to offer a full range of modern control system technology – including multivariable process control, dynamic configurations, procedural automation, alarm management, and operator interfaces – all integrated with Management of Change, KPIs, Integrity Operating Windows, PSSR, and more.

    Safety Lifecycle graphic

    The comprehensive approach creates a complete safety lifecycle that addresses:

    • PHA
    • LOPA
    • HAZOP
    • SIS
    • Dynamic and Static Alarm Management
    • MOC
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • PPSR
    • Mechanical Integrity
    • Process Optimization

    The result of the OS-ProSys partnership is an effective, best in class safety approach that puts the right information in the hands of the people who need it and helps them manage alarms, tasks, and equipment more efficiently. Together, OS and ProSys help companies reduce incidents, optimize equipment, and improve overall safety.

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