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Our team empowering yours.

Our world-class advisory and consulting services help you assess, evaluate, and create your operational excellence strategy. We listen to your goals and pain points, your current business process strategy, and help you reduce asset interruptions, improve productivity, manage growth, and achieve operational safety excellence. Finally, we help you put the entire plan into action based on your long-term business goals.


Isn't it time you had someone with a clear understanding of operational excellence on your side?

OS Consulting Capabilities

Operational Safety Excellence

We offer a full-service consulting practice to assist clients with their workforce, assets, operations, and compliance needs.


Performance Management

A full portfolio of scalable solutions empowers you to develop metrics and reporting frameworks to run a more predictable business. Our methodologies analyze incidents to properly prioritize corrective actions, and help you create a sustainable reporting framework.

OS saves you time and money with our powerful, customizable by user, analytics. OESuite™ enables plant floor and operations personnel, as well as senior management, to monitor real-time performance against metrics specific to their area of responsibility. As threats emerge, a risk registry helps prioritize responses.

Our advanced methodology can also help identify meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), giving you insight into the most critical risk control barriers and threats. Our unique real-time visualization enables you to aggregate all of your information at a plot plan, process flow diagram and P&ID level… and deliver it at the point of need to a mobile device.

Visual Operations Dashboard

Process / Cultural Safety

The OS team helps assess, revise and improve your Process Safety Program

We offer the following process safety services:

  • Process Safety consultants and offer staff augmentation
  • Mechanical Integrity (MI) program development including:
    • Piping circuitization and program development
    • RBI implementation
    • Non-destructive testing program development
    • Drawing verification and TML placement
    • Inspection staffing (i.e. API 501, 570, 653)
    • Audits and gap analysis
  • Operating procedures development, revision and procedural automation
  • Management of Change (MOC) policy/procedure development and program assessment
  • Relief system design and design basis
  • RMP inventory validation and documentation of information sources
  • Process Safety Information (PSI) organization and updates
  • Audits and gap assessments for Process Safety, RMP and MI programs
  • Human factors and facility siting evaluations
  • Incident management solutions
  • Process Hazard Analyses (PHA) including HAZOP and Layer of Protection Analyses (LOPA)
    • Our cutting edge technology significantly reduces PHA revalidation study time
  • Training specific to your Process Safety program including competency models
  • Metrics and reporting advisory services including best practices for implementing API RP 754
  • Security Vulnerability Assessment (SVA) Audits

OS has advisors who can assist you in achieving your goals in these areas.