Capital Projects Management

OESuite™ for Capital Projects and Turnarounds


Why OS for Capital Projects?

Safer, more predictable projects and turnarounds – completed on time, on budget, and with less overall downtime.

Cost overruns on capital projects are not uncommon, and on large capital projects, cost overruns can run into the millions per day. OS routinely saves clients time and money on capital projects, retrofits, expansions, and turnarounds. The OESuite™ Capital Projects Work Process comes pre-loaded with a vast library of job-aids, real world examples, and guidance documents. From Concept and Design, through Construction, Startup and Operation – we are here to help. Our tools put the shared knowledge of your people and the proven expertise of our people into one integrated system – and then put it to work.

More efficient utilization of assets, both human and equipment.

What's the difference?

Our integrated approach fixes common issues such as less than 2 hours of effective wrench time in an 8-hour shift, or crews waiting around for permits. OESuite™ integrates out of-the-box with premier project management tools including Primavera by Oracle®, SAP PM, SAP MRS, and Microsoft Project. OS also offers a project-planning tool via to tackle your projects. We offer experienced on-site available staff to mentor and assist with turnarounds if needed.

Real world outcomes

Enterprise-wide recurring annual benefits of $189,000,000–$245,000,000 (over a 20 year life) and a one-time benefit of $135,000,000–$175,000,000 on a single project of $1.5 to $3.0 billion.

How do we do it?

  • We act as external project managers to help guide your capital projects, turnarounds, and STOs
  • We act as part of your team to drive results and accountability
  • We offer comprehensive scheduling capabilities
  • We help you create work processes
  • We provide project milestones, deliverables, cost estimates, and comprehensive project support
  • We develop a detailed action plan for each turnaround or capital project
  • We implement pre-turnaround planning and contracting strategies to maximize efficiency