EH&S Information Systems

A New Approach to Environmental, Health & Safety Management Information Systems (EMIS)

Enhanced EMIS Application Portfolio

Traditionally, EMIS referred to Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) centric software and left out Process Safety as a core component, likely because four aspects of Process Safety inject immense complexity into the works: Competency, Mechanical Integrity, Management of Change, and Process Safety Information.

These vital components to protect people, processes, facilities, and the planet must be addressed in asset-intensive industries, but organizations often struggle to implement and use an integrated solution. Additionally, new regulatory pressures for competency are driving the need to incorporate Workforce Management into all aspects of EH&S and Process Safety.

Today's EMIS solution needs to be framed around a core of workforce, assets, and compliance. An integrated approach to enhanced, holistic EMIS has the additional benefit of reducing operational risk, improving training, and reducing operational costs over the long term.

Current EMIS solutions need a foundation for Operational Risk Management (ORM). This foundation enables a comprehensive framework for all tasks, action items, and MOCs to be managed, regardless of the source (e.g., PHAs, audits).

As organizations mature, they can incorporate an enterprise loss prevention framework to capture all unwanted events. The key is to move from a qualitative EHS reporting solution (e.g., slips/trips, OSHA 300A reporting) to an asset-based solution to capture other forms of value leakage. At its pinnacle, this framework evolves to incorporate production loss management.

Companies can prevent incidents and reduce production losses by reducing human error, while managing change across the enterprise. The Total Compliance Management framework captures all tasks and action items, leading to enhanced compliance assurance.

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