Operations / Operational Discipline

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Conduct of Operations (CoO) is how a company executes tasks, and improving it reduces operational risk, enhances operational integrity and benefits the bottom line. CoO is sometimes called "Operational Discipline" and is closely tied to an organization's culture. CoO entails putting management systems into place to ensure operating and engineering disciplines are effective and that they continue to improve the entire process safety culture. At OS, we have the experience and expertise necessary to assess, structure, and implement a Conduct of Operations improvement plan that delivers results.

Key principles in our approach include:

  • Human error can be reduced by the effective implementation and monitoring of a CoO process safety management system.
  • A best management and engineering discipline practice is to participate in an accountability system that eliminates normalization of deviation (makes non-compliance seem okay) by taking action on problems identified during the various operational discipline activities that are in place.
  • For operators to be effective in their role in CoO, they must have a structured purpose for the various activities they perform. Follow-up should be done by managers and engineers, to take action on any deficiencies found.
  • Management discipline is recognition that achieving performance is a function of ensuring employees:
    • Know the right things to work on
    • Have the experience, education, and training to know how to reliably and safely perform those tasks
    • Have the right tools
    • Are assigned to the right tasks, at the right time
  • The OESuite™ software solution, a comprehensive, mobile-enabled set of integrated modules, empowers companies to capture, analyze, and utilize asset, incident, operational, and compliance data to drive sustainable improvements in every facet of CoO.