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OESuite™ – seeing is achieving

True visibility across your entire organization is critical to your business. We help prevent equipment failures and minimize the threats and risks that impact your bottom line.

The OESuite™ Operational Excellence Framework
Supply Chain
Maximize operational efficiency through supply chain management to optimally deploy capital and minimize cost.
Asset Integrity/Reliability/EAM
Increase equipment availability through managing obsolescence, advancing technologies, and managing spares.
Provide the right tools for technicians to maintain and improve operational efficiencies.
Process Safety/SEMS
Keep highly hazardous chemicals and flammables under control.
Maximize profit, minimize losses, and ensure you meet customer obligations.
Workforce Enablement
Develop your people and ensure their competency.
Environment, Health and Safety
Stay in compliance while minimizing energy consumption and emissions.
Properly design plants, safety control, emission control, and emergency systems.
Capital Projects
Identify project congestion, maximize effective wrench time, and bring projects in on schedule.

With OESuite™, we give you true visibility through a rich, enterprise risk management software solution, delivering powerful insights into your operational data and helping empower your entire organization to make smarter, faster risk-informed decisions.

Improved interoperability and data management via our OESuite™ package will empower your business to:

  • Enhance EH&S compliance assurance, conserve energy, and reduce emissions.
  • Increase resource utilization, capital effectiveness and wrench time.
  • Achieve greater visibility to minimize equipment outages, inspections, alarms, defects, stock outs and parts obsolescence.
  • Increase administrative control to ensure workforce competency, succession planning, and organizational resilience.
  • Reduce process upsets and production losses.

Spend your time achieving operational integrity, not chasing down problems and risks after they arise. OESuite™ gives you the right solution.

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Key Modules

30+ Comprehensive Modules

OESuite™ offers more than 30 modules covering all aspects of your workforce, assets, and compliance needs. People at all levels and locations within your organization get the exact information, documents, processes, procedures, and reporting they need – when, where, and how they need them.

Integrated Platform

Your organization gains the control it needs over operational workflow data, leading to improved management processes. Plus, our software allows you to take advantage of more integration as you build out – leading to increased operational efficiency.

OSSuite Dashboard
Flexible Architecture

With OESuite™ software, you can create custom forms and workflows to build processes, thanks to its highly configurable, flexible architecture. Each module can have multiple workflows, enabling organizations to standardize their business processes while affording each facility various levels of customization based upon their unique needs.

Flexible Architecture

What can OESuite™ do for you?

  • Gain powerful insights into your operational data, enable performance improvement, and liberate your decision-making through a platform-independent, mobile, integrated solution.
  • Facilitate a common understanding of potential risk and identify threats before they arise.
  • Provide managers a strategic approach to prevent costly equipment failure, environmental, and safety excursions.
  • Identify the interdependencies between functions and leverage data to improve performance.
  • Capture workflow processes and turn them into easily implemented, integrated best practices.
  • Empower your workforce to adapt to change and move from time-based to risk-based philosophies.
  • Create a risk registry to aggregate your action items and visualize all of all your supporting information.
  • Leverage pre-defined configuration templates and content.

OESuite™ Capabilities

Learn more about OESuite™ software's powerful analytics, notifications, and visualization capabilities that enable you to see your entire operation in a powerful new way.

  • Mobility

    OS offers a comprehensive mobility platform to enable field data gathering, first report of incident, remote computer based training, work management, operator rounds, visual inspections and a host of other processes. All dashboards are automatically optimized for mobile tablets without any programming. Use familiar tablet gestures to view and interact with dashboards in mobile web browsers. Our mobility solution will allow the Users to use these functionalities even when no internet connection is available.

    Your data anywhere, anytime
    All reports or dashboards created via the browser are immediately and securely available on your mobile device. Refresh and analyze all your key performance indicators – wherever you are, whenever you need it. Flick through charts and graphs. Interact with, filter, sort and analyze your data – all with the touch of your fingers. You will love OESuite™'s mobile solution. Simply swipe to browse dashboards, filter with a tap of a finger, or pinch and zoom.

    Online or offline
    It might not feel like it, but there are times when you're not connected. Offline mode lets you enjoy a productive flight or work remotely from your vehicle with uninterrupted access to your data.


    • Online/Offline Capability
      • Today OESuite™ is fully mobile-capable online via tablet or phone (Microsoft)
      • Image capture
    • Heading toward BYOD
    • Augmented reality (heads up display)
  • Alarms, Alerts, and Notifications

    The ability to receive notifications and take certain actions on specific warnings can help prevent many equipment, site or other related issues. Our configurable alerts and notifications solution allows you to establish rules for either user based or condition based alerts and notifications.


    • Real-time critical event alarms and alerts
    • Recurring maintenance and inspection task notifications or reminders
    • Alarms can be set in the KPI Manager module to data trends
    • Monitor for certain, specific conditions based on data points
    • Interfaces directly with your existing systems and Data Historian
    • Notify individuals or groups of individuals via email or system messaging
    • Log warning events based on specific rules or triggers
    • Limits on emissions (i.e., NOx limit on boiler)
    • Equipment limits (i.e., temperature on Exchanger)
  • Portal

    OS offers a portal technology to enable interoperability of all the supporting OS modules into a customizable dashboard. Users can leverage a robust set of web parts with collapsible tiles to customize their work space. The rich content that is enabled includes capabilities such as the ability to create quick links (i.e., initiating a work order, first report of incident, create a task), the ability to link relevant operating and maintenance procedures for quick access, custom KPIs, RSS News Feeder, Stock Market Ticker, compliance calendar, frequently used data entry forms (i.e., JSA, work permit), imbedding of CBTs along, etc. The color scheme and theme are tailored to each company to make it fit your culture.

    The portal is a unifying theme to maximize ease-of-use for end users of the system, while allowing each person to uniquely personalize their work space to suit their tastes. The portal can also be integrated with external systems to get data feeds.

  • Ad Hoc Reporting

    OESuite™ is a web-based, easy to use ad-hoc reporting solution that can adapt to any user's needs. End Users today can't wait for IT to create or update their reporting. The OESuite™ Ad Hoc reporting is embedded into each module without additional licensing requirements. The functionality enables Users to select the information they want to parse via drag and drop to create custom reports in a matter of minutes. It is easy thanks to a drag and drop designer to enable the Users to build powerful ad hoc reports. Filtering conditions can be added to the data to further refine the results. Columns can also be sorted in ascending and descending order. It combines outstanding collaborative features with great usability – simply swipe to browse dashboards, filter with a tap of a finger, or pinch and zoom. The results from the ad hoc reporting can be exported to Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Word®, or PDF format.


    • Allows export of ad-hoc reports to PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel
    • Inherits existing data security models
    • Easily deploys with out of the box, reporting-ready components
  • Standard Reporting

    OESuite™ provides a unified standard reporting solution by leveraging SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) with no third party tool to purchase. OESuite™ can leverage existing SSRS platform to save you time and money. The Users can quickly and easily generate reports through our web interface. Our web-based reporting solution provides fast, secure access to your data, giving you unmatched control. OESuite™ lets businesses push reports out to employees or customers with no distribution, run-time. The report output can be exported to various format such as MS Excel, MS Word, PDF, XML, etc. The reports can be scheduled to run automatically and send to the Users as attachments on a customized schedule.

    OESuite™ is an agile and responsive reporting solution. Power users familiar with MS Report Builder can create custom reports that can be published to the OESuite™ library. In addition, summary reports can be built to link to other reports to display the details. We built SSRS right into OESuite™, so no additional logging in is required.

    User privilege parameters let you personalize features and security to individual users or user roles. Saved to a User's profile, these user privilege parameters control user-specific features throughout every report. A session/user authentication process, single sign-on (SSO) lets users enter their name and password in only one place, and access multiple modules.


    • Deliver new reports in minutes
    • Leverage a library of pre-built reports v
    • SSRS is built into OESuite™
    • Application level security
    • User privilege parameters
    • Single-sign on
    • Email integration
    • Drill-down reporting
  • Visual Operations

    The Visual Operations function allows you to drill down from Google Earth or a plot plan view through heat mapped areas (i.e., process units) to P&IDs or Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) to see information in layers (i.e., criticality, piping circuit, permits/certificates). A Heat Map is superb for identifying patterns of performance. Attention is drawn instantly to color-coded results on equipment objects, and it's easy to understand area size and location. Visual Operations offers the ability to aggregate and publish up custom information from objects such as equipment and permits or certificates. Additional layers such as Large Control Diagrams can be created for training and competency management. All information pertaining to an object can be aggregated up in OESuite™.

    Visual Operations unifies all data in a visual context making it easy for Users to analyze information in near-real time. There is no limit to the information that can be aggregated.

    Our program has numerous benefits as follows:

    • Visual display of information
    • Analysis of impending threats (i.e., red, yellow, green)
    • Permits/certificates about to expire
    • Project congestion
    • Changes in damage mechanisms
    • Process parameters
    • Major control loops
    • Relief device set points
    • Safe operating limits
    • Consequences of deviation
    • Integrity Operating Windows
  • Performance Targets

    Once the Asset Hierarchy has been established and attention switches to collecting data for analyzing performance, the targets, standards, or metrics for the different events, you must established your Performance Criteria.


    • Operating pressures on vessels
    • Temperature of the process in piping
    • Desired incident objectives (i.e., TRIR)

    Performance Criteria can also be established for daily production levels, emissions offsets and allowances, and other daily, weekly, monthly or annual statistics.


    • Applies to business units, operating equipment or human resources
    • Also used for targets and budgets
    • API 754 KPIs
    • Asset model:
      • Event-type model
      • Data model * (KPI, attributes, manual data)
    • Data is used as the basis for performance analysis and reporting
    • Data can be captured from operating equipment, data historians, related business systems, or the Internet
    • Deviations can be used to trigger alerts or notifications
    • Complete history maintained of all data
  • My Obligations

    My Obligations is a dashboard that aggregates all "to do's" from any OESuite™ module into a single location to simplify these to close out. No need to search for assignments and log into separate modules. You can see all of your items and filter by due date, priority, risk ranking and other criteria. The OS notification system sends email ticklers to remind you of your assignments.


    • Ability to see obligations
    • Ability to click to open up an obligation
    • Ability to filter by desired criteria (i.e., due date, risk ranking)
  • Asset Registry

    The Asset Registry allows you to create and manage your overall asset hierarchy, from organizational units (company, division, plant, unit, etc.) down through equipment, sub-assemblies and components. There is no limit to the number of levels you can create in the asset hierarchy. User can create an unlimited set of properties (i.e., year constructed, material of construction, diameter, design temperature), latitude/longitude, circuit groups, component information (i.e., inspection type, last date inspected), criticality (i.e., production, safety, environmental), inspection activities including OEM recommended inspection intervals, corrosion rate, remaining life, inspection points, thickness measurements, visual inspection results, equipment activities (i.e., history of MOCs, incidents, work orders, compliance tasks), and link process safety information (i.e., documents, pictures, isometric drawings).

    The Asset Registry is the backbone of the asset integrity, reliability, and maintenance (ARM) and emissions portion of the software solution, against which all performance criteria, events and activities are structured. Our solution seamlessly integrates with other standard industry solutions (ERP, CMMS, LIMS and Data Historians) to provide the information on asset availability.

    Our program has numerous benefits as follows:

    • Unlimited asset hierarchy level
    • Advanced active directory security with roles
    • Template-based model
    • OSIsoft® Connector
    • SAP® NetWeaver Connector
    • Capability to link ERP equipment definition
  • Asset Navigation

    Our asset navigation gives users a visual tree structure to see the hierarchy of equipment and components. Users can quickly create new equipment and components on the fly. In addition, equipment can easily be moved or copied with the click of a mouse.

  • Integration

    We offer various integration connectors to various system such Active Directory, SAP, HR, Historian, etc. Our API allows you to create web services or leverage flat files. Integrations can be scheduled to run at whatever frequency you would like. User info, security mapping and equipment mapping is a snap. Logs are auto generated in the event of logs.

  • Risk Registry

    Users can risk rank their corrective and preventative action (CAPA) items stemming for audits, process hazard analyses, incident investigations and other sources to put all action items on a level playing field. Even if you don't have a uniform risk ranking method, you can utilize our risk probability number function to normalize all risks. In addition, you can elevate compliance obligations to the highest priority by due date. Our risk registry unifies all risk into a single powerful dashboards for management to detect and mitigate looming threats before they manifest into incidents.

  • Production Loss Management

    Production Loss Management (PLM) enables organizations to leverage tags (i.e., equipment, historian) to get real-time data feeds (i.e., pressure, temperature, vibration) to do condition-based monitoring, detect on stream time for equipment and to calculate Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Our lifecycle process enables detection, recording, communication and management of events. We can capture events manually or via integration to your distributed control system. One of the keys to profitability is to maximize mechanical availability of equipment. As conditions change, EM alerts operations personnel (i.e., operators, inspectors) to take action. Maintenance can establish Integrity Operating Windows per API 584 to ensure that as abnormal situations arise, operators can take action to avoid unnecessary equipment damage. If conditions persist for extended periods, we enable you to see new damage mechanisms as they are introduced. Users have the ability to stay within safe operating limits. In the event that a limit is exceeded, action can be taken to address consequences of deviation and to shut down if necessary.

    OESuite™ enables operations to calculate the cost of downtime (i.e., repair cost, delays in getting spare parts, production costs) and to get back up and running as quickly as possible to maximize profits. For more advanced clients, we offer a choke model that looks at theoretical and installed production capacity in our incident management module. As you optimize your processes and improve your production yield, we recalculate your key variables to ensure continued optimal performance. Our environmental compliance modules ensure that you stay with your permit constraints.


    • Process templates
    • Incident classification
    • Integrity Operating Windows
    • Configurable event triggers
    • Choke Model
    • Action Item Tracking
    • Safe Operating Limit and Consequence of Deviation monitoring
    • Connectivity to leading historians such as OSIsoft® PI
    • SAP® NetWeaver Connector
  • KPI Manager

    The KPI Manager module is key to summarizing and analyzing production and operating performance. It includes applications for on-demand data retrieval and powerful information-management features, and delivers context-sensitive links to related sources of information. OESuite™ provides a real-time solution framework for the collection, analysis and calculation of key performance indicators. It delivers the accurate and timely information you need to enhance visibility into your operations and increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your resources.

    Our KPI Manager module provides accurate KPI data throughout your organization, enabling everyone to drive performance-improvement initiatives. It rolls up low-level performance indicators (such as unit-specific production generation) to high-level business objectives (such as site productivity or asset utilization). Drill Down – Drill Through or Drill Anywhere – even across multiple data sources. We don't put barriers between you and your data. Users can quickly drill down to view actual performance measures and respond appropriately.

    Instantly graph your data to identify trends and patterns. Provide context to your visualizations through Drill-Downs, Time-Sliders, Tooltips and Series Selection.

    • Improves visibility into operations:
      • Maximizes production and reduced downtime
      • Analyzes costs improves profitability
      • Improves asset availability and performance
    • Increases reliability of forecasts:
      • Empowers an understanding of the relationship between performance metrics
      • Reduces the gap between forecast and results
      • Improves response time to revenue-impacting events and incidents
    • Drives operational efficiency and asset performance


    • Assets hierarchy and seamless roll-ups of business KPI for events family
    • Custom calculations
    • Simple/advances formulas
    • CUBE calculation on event category breakdown for KPI
    • Messaging publication/subscription
    • Scheduling process
    • Online monitoring activities
  • Compliance Coordination

    OS offers a robust compliance calendar with integration via mail application programming interface (MAPI) to Outlook, Lotus Notes and GroupWise. All of the OESuite™ modules aggregate to the calendar to simplify task management. Users can filter by day, week or month to see their impending "to do's". In addition, supervisors can filter responsible person to see what assignments their team has. In a single click Users can navigate to the task assigned to them to close it out without having to find the item in separate modules.


    • Compliance Calendar
    • Ability to see team obligations
    • Ability to click to open up an obligation
  • Planning / Scheduling

    OS offers drag and drop scheduling for inspection activities and work management. The inspection scheduler allows Users to assign resources (both internal and 3rd party) to manage inspection activities. Business rules enable Users to specify the work duration (i.e., 8, 10, 12 hour work days). Managers can quickly resource level and relate work activities and gather information on actual hours worked to calculate effective wrench time.

    To maximize effective wrench time, workers can print work packs on the fly and link them to their planned work activities. In addition, all of the required job tasks are linked to the schedule.


    • Ability to create work day constraints (i.e., 8, 10 hours)
    • Ability to see required tasks
    • Ability to drag and drop a task
    • Ability to see hours planned vs. worked
  • Calculation Engine

    Equations are easy to create with calculation models for emissions and risks. The air emissions module allows users to create potential and actual calculations for a number of pollutant types. Equations can be linked to equipment sources while leverage a number of emissions factors, tags (readings), equipment properties, material properties, etc. Equations can be nested within equations to build complex algorithms. Intermediate calculations are available in the calculations log; no more secret results. With OESuite™ all of your calculations are transparent making it easy for you to verify the results. Our risk-based and time-based Inspection modules allows Users to calculate risks at current, future, and at target inspection date according to API-581 calculations. The calculation engine can leverage User-defined matrix and interpolate the results. All equations used in the calculation engine can be modified based on your needs.


    • Ability to create custom calculations
    • Ability to create sub-equations
    • Ability to archive equations as variables change or the basis changes
  • Security

    Our multi-tiered security model gives you the confidence necessary to use our system without the fear of being breached. OESuite™ gives you security permissions at any level you need. Multi-tenancy provides sites to separate both users and content. Individual permissions can be set for forms, tabs, dashboards, or even users through a simple visual permissions window. Even ensure that your data is secure with data connection permissions and row-level filtering. Our architecture allows Administrators to control access even down the workflow tab level within any module.

  • Notification Center

    The Notification Center function allows users to have better interaction with the data that flows to and from OESuite™. By providing a push-and-pull mechanism, users are able to experience enhanced interaction with module applications and faster notifications from any computer, smartphone (iPhone/Android/Windows) or tablet (iPad/Android/Windows) connected to the Messaging Network. OS enables you to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).


    • Additions or changes on Assets/Events Hierarchy
    • User interactions with OESuite™, such as:
      • Manual entries (quality test, check list, RCA request, and more)
      • Incoming transactions (SAP transactions, CMMS work orders, tailored transactions)
      • Event monitoring rules deviations
      • OESuite™ CORE Modules interactions
    • Publishing and subscriptions can have different parameters:
      • Simple messages
      • System actions (library executions, layout refresh, visual notifications, and more)
      • Custom-made actions (code executions)
  • Obligation Reassignment

    Obligation Reassignment allows persons to re-assign all of their assignments (i.e. action items, CAPAs, MOCs, tasks) to other personnel from any OS module. Changes can be permanent or temporary with an automatic default date to return all re-assigned items to the originator. Succession planning has never been easier.


    • Additions or changes on Assets/Events Hierarchy
    • User interactions with OESuite™
  • Innovation

    Innovation offers a flexible architecture to build your forms and work processes. Adding a field is snap. Incorporate radial buttons, text boxes, dates, fields, and more in a matter of minutes. OESuite™ offers you virtually unlimited configuration capabilities to support your unique processes and to enable your culture to thrive.

  • Oversight

    You decide which fields are mandatory and optional to populate. Create messages to highlight where information is complete or missing with our pop-ups. As users change information or over-write, we have you covered with our auditing trail. Time and date stamps make it easy to determine who responded, and when. You can also create business rules for routing of information. With Oversight, OESuite™ helps you ensure adherence to your policies and governance processes.

  • Business Enterprise Analytics

    Our advanced analytics solutions turn existing data into predictive knowledge so you can enhance your reliability, services and experiences required to grow your business success. Whether through analytical models, architectural integration or strategy consulting, OS helps you solve problems and deliver system efficiency.