Asset Performance Management

Maximize every phase of the asset lifecycle.

We take the complexity out of navigating asset management challenges.


From optimizing maintenance and inspection intervals to reliability centered maintenance (RCM), managing equipment life cycles, and creating asset strategies, our expertise is laser-focused on enhancing the return on your asset investments. Reducing risk, improving efficiency and equipment life, creating and sustaining operational integrity. We believe in what we do, and it keeps our vision simple: to offer innovative solutions that deliver measurable results. OS offers next generation Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) capabilities to complement our Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions.

Figure 1 – APM is a set of work processes that maximize physical asset performance, mitigate risk, and optimize cost in an industrial enterprise.

OESuite™ Asset Performance Management (APM) modules:

  • Reliability Management (Criticality, FMECA, RCM)

    OESuite™ offers a powerful Reliability Management Module that includes a criticality analysis, Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA), and Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) analysis. The resulting analysis gives maintenance managers the ability to identify high risk consequences and focus lean resources to obtain maximum financial impact. Learn More »

  • Inspection Management / Mechanical Integrity

    The OESuite™ Inspection Management (IM) Module is a powerful asset integrity solution for proactive monitoring of facilities. Our solution helps clients track qualitative and quantitative inspection information including process safety information (i.e. isometrics) to monitor health and remaining life of fixed assets, piping and valves. Learn more »

  • Risk Based Inspection (RBI)

    Industry continues to face pressure to demonstrate they are performing the right maintenance and inspection activities, while reducing costs and maintaining safe operations in compliance with OSHA 1910.119 and the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Management (BSSE) Safety and Environmental Management Systems (SEMS) Regulations. OS's new RBI software and industry leading RBI knowledge empowers operating companies to reduce risk and focus resources where they matter most while driving measurable economic benefits from implementing a sustainable RBI program. Learn More »

  • Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs)

    Operational Sustainability, LLC offers insight into operating conditions along with a fundamental understanding of damage mechanisms required to maintain your inspection program via our Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) Module. Companies need to establish process variables to control their process (i.e. product within specification, safe operation, reliability, etc.) including a subset of operating limits (in this case called operating windows) that address the controls necessary on any and all process variables that might affect the integrity or reliability of the process unit. Learn More »

  • Work Management / CMMS

    The OESuite™ Work Management (WM) Module helps companies plan work activities to improve asset performance. WM is integrated with numerous modules and improves the workflow and efficiency for submit work notifications and work orders including automated alerts. Learn more »

  • Operator Rounds

    OESuite™ delivers a fully integrated platform including Operator Rounds, Operator Logs, Inspection, and Compliance/Task Management modules – to give companies a single source solution for all field data. Now, field workers can safely isolate energy sources, access work orders, conduct root cause analysis (RCAs), initiate work notification, safely startup equipment, and access critical procedures. Learn more »

  • Operator Logs / Shift Handover

    With the Operational Sustainability, LLC® (OS) OESuite™ Operator Logs (OL) Module, you can safely manage shift handovers, while gaining insight into plant operations and furthering the pursuit of operational excellence. The Operator Logs Module integrates the board operator with the field operator and provides visibility into control room information including alarms, Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), work instruction, and standing orders from production. Learn more »

  • Incident Management / BBS

    The Operational Sustainability, LLC, OESuite™ Incident Management (IM) Module is a holistic, comprehensive unwanted events solution. IM is a cloud-based, mobile enabled loss prevention system allowing users to uncover and track root causes, lessons learned, and corrective actions. Learn more »

  • Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA)

    The OESuite™ Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) Module is a clearinghouse for all corrective action items or replacement-in-kind activities. CAPA is integrated with numerous modules including Process Risk Management, Incident Management, Audit Management, Organization Change, Competency Management, Reliability-Centered Maintenance, and Management of Change. Learn More »

  • Document Management / Redlining

    Engineering Content Management (ECM) with OESuite™ is a robust solution for your document management and redlining needs. The key to ECM is providing a framework and tools where engineering process support documents can be developed, maintained, sustained and viewed by all affected parties. Learn more »

  • Condition Based Maintenance (CBM)

    Operational Sustainability, LLC (OS) offers the OESuite™ Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) module as an integrated approach to reduce the operating costs and increase the safety of assets. Maintenance activities are directed based on equipment operating data, avoiding the often-severe costs of reactive or corrective only maintenance and the unnecessary costs of replacing parts before the end of their useful life simply because scheduled maintenance dictates it. Learn more »

  • Relief Device Management

    The OESuite™ Relief Device Management (RDM) Module is an integrated solution for managing relief device information. Information or properties on relief devices such as pressure relief valves, safety relief valves, rupture disks, and pin-actuated devices can be tracked, queried, and compared across all managed locations.    Learn more »

  • Process Risk Management (PHA / LOPA / FMECA / JSA)
    Process Risk Management

    The OESuite™ Process Risk Management (PRM) Module is a comprehensive solution for assessing and managing risk while staying below acceptable risk thresholds. PRM enables users to evolve the level of risk assessment applied. Learn more »

  • Audit Management
    Audit Management

    Today, industry is struggling with complex regulations and external pressures that are constantly changing. Companies have numerous audits they need to conduct to stay in compliance, while identifying risks and timely closing out findings and recommendations. Learn More »

  • Management of Change (MOC)

    The OESuite™ Management of Change (MOC) Module is a facility and technology change solution (i.e. Spares Holding, Regulatory, Occupancy Criteria, Corrosivity, Inspection Interval, Vendors, Equipment, Procedures, Process, and Software). MOC is integrated with numerous modules including Process Risk Management, Pre-Startup Safety Review, Incident Management, Procedure Management, RBI, RCM, Integrity Operating Windows, Inspection (Fitness for Service), Audit Management, Alarm Management, Work Management, Training, and Quality Assurance. It covers temporary, permanent and emergency changes. Learn More »

  • PSSR / Operational Readiness

    The OESuite™ Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) Module helps companies protect their workers during the commissioning of a project. PSSR is integrated with Management of Change, Work Permitting, Incident Management, Training and Work Management. Learn More »

  • Control of Work / Work Permitting

    Poor organization of work permits leads to poor work execution for routine maintenance and capital projects. OESuite™ electronically integrates and controls permits & certificates, identifies hazards and proper controls, conducts risk assessments, facilitates isolation management, and shares lessons learned. Learn more »

  • Procedure Management

    The OESuite™ Procedure Management (PM) Module is a database model for procedural automation that saves time in authoring, modifying and standardizing procedures. By leveraging pre-formatted templates, procedures can be customized for individual equipment while retaining information from content templates. Learn More »

  • Competency Management

    The OESuite™ Competency Management Module enables organizations to sustain their investment in competency initiatives. The sheer size of an organization and the many competencies required to define a job role can be difficult to identify, as even the simplest of job changes can cascade through several levels. Learn More »

  • Learning Management System (LMS) / Training Management

    The OESuite™ Learning Management System (LMS) allows users to author computer-based training (CBT) content and upload 3rd party content via SCORM. In addition, OS offers robust training tracking including scheduling of training, and implementation of training. Learn More »

  • Task / Compliance Management

    Task/Compliance Management (TCM) with OESuite™ is designed to manage tasks and compliance activities. Users can create tasks on a one time, recurring, or rolling recurring basis by responsible person or team. Learn More »

  • Organizational / Personnel Change

    The Operational Sustainability, LLC, OESuite™ Organizational Change (OC) Module enables you to identify an organizational structure, and better plan for and manage both organizational and personnel change. The OC Module assists the company's document contractor in managing employee and organizational changes and includes integration with contractor management solutions such as ISNetworld. Learn More »

  • Mobility

    OS offers a comprehensive mobile approach on a flexible platform, enabling simple point-of-acquisition data gathering and reporting from the field. This core capability of the OESuite™ platform includes business process and workforce management, analytics, and an email agent. Learn More »

  • Inspection Mobile

    OS offers OESuite™ Inspection Mobile as part of its overall mobility platform to help companies enable numerous mobile forms and workflows. This allows both field personnel and inspectors to do visual inspections of equipment including Level 1 Fitness-for-Service (FFS) evaluations, plus, record thickness measurement readings to evaluate the remaining half-life of equipment. Learn more »

  • Audit Mobile

    Operational Sustainability, LLC (OS) offers the OESuite™ Audit Mobile module as part of our overall mobility platform to streamline the auditing of any business process at the point of work, using tablets and/or mobile phones. Learn more »

  • Incident Mobile

    Incident Mobile enables both field personnel and managers to log near-misses and first report of incidents right from their mobile device. Learn more »

  • Performance Management

    OS's robust reporting and metrics module, Performance Management (PM), empowers companies with the capability to roll-up their reporting information and publish it effortlessly to dashboards. Users can put ranges on data to keep values that are not appropriate from being entered. All OESuite modules aggregate to PM to enable simple roll-up of information. Learn More »