IT/OT Solutions

OS Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Leading the IT/OT Revolution

Clients want to gain deeper insights into their data. With our IoT solutions you can use pre-configured templates that customize content to fit your specific needs.

In the past, integration was complex requiring a costly data historian to get information. With the IoT evolution, physical objects with an internet IP address can actively communicate between one another and other internet-enabled devices and systems. This integration of sensing, communications, and analytics capabilities allows for fast access to asset information. IoT also provides a framework for "The Information Value Loop" where, for example, pipeline corrosion sensors initiate analytics per a set of conditions and notify personnel if deficiencies identified. With these powerful tools, companies are going through radical transformation. Billions of devices and sensors are available in the cloud as you re-architect your future. With OS you can simply connect in the cloud to get information on your assets, sensors, and devices within a matter of hours.

Enablement with OS Connected Operations

From predicting failures on your fleet, to identifying bad actors, to diagnosing your EH&S performance, OESuite™ plugs into the IoT to give you real-time visibility into your operations.

Our Connected Operations solutions can be connected up with your phone, tablet, smart watch, heads-up display, and other hardware to share information and trends to enhance decision support.

OS provides the following IoT Tools:

  • Microsoft Azure IoT Suite is the standard cloud platform
  • Power BI enables predictive analytics
  • OS Dashboard Creator (drag and drop web parts)
  • OS Content Library to utilize existing pre-configured reports and KPIs
  • OS Application Programming Interface (API) allows users to seamlessly connect with finance, HR, laboratory and other systems
  • OESuite™ allows users to set limits and to trigger alerts based upon conditions

The end result is you can optimize your capital expenditures, while improving equipment uptime without compromising your safety performance. All of this is integrated back to our asset strategy within OESuite™. Our system is fully aligned with ISO 55000 and other international standards.

OS Connected Operations enables new insights including:

  • Detect the onset of failures and ensure you have the parts available when needed
  • Calculate your emissions and your GHG emissions to optimize your carbon footprint
  • See potential safety hazards and patterns and prioritize your corrective actions based on risk
  • Discover why equipment breaks down and causes most downtime and where your bad actors lie
  • Change out supply chain vendors as defect patterns are identified in your supply chain
  • Analyze your equipment reliability to ensure that the best vendors are selected based upon actual equipment performance

OS plus SAP®

Through the Operational Sustainability, LLC partnership with SAP, we are combining IoT insights with business processes to optimize asset performance and management. Our combined, built-to-work-together solution integrates people, processes, data, and technology to reduce risk and improve decisions at the point of work. Because our solution works with hybrid architectures, it can gather edge information from equipment and sensors even when operating in remote regions, provide near real-time feedback to support workers, and send updates to headquarters periodically using satellite communications. OS + SAP helps to ensure safe operations and allows companies to maintain project visibility globally, no matter how remote the work location might be.

SAP® is a registered trademark of SAP SE in Germany and in several other countries. Used with permission.