OESuite™ Reviews

OESuite™ Reviews

SAP's Operational Integrity solutions, combined with OESuite™, deliver critical process information to ensure safe – but informed – work execution. Next generation APM guides the worker while capturing the modifications so they are updated in the asset profile to maintain one version of the truth."

SAP Global Oil & Gas Division

DuPont Sustainable Solutions implemented the OESuite™ Management of Change, Corrective Actions and Incident Management modules for a refining client. After the implementation of the modules, interconnected routine and non-routine work tasks were completed more efficiently and effectively. The system collects, manages, and reports PSM data in insightful manner, which supports key PSM-related decision-making and improving the process safety culture. Prior to implementation, the client's MOC records averaged 6 months overdue following a turnaround. After implementation, the client was able to close all MOCs by the end of the turnaround."

Global Solutions Architect, DuPont

Operational Sustainability has been working with us since 2011 to improve our asset integrity management systems and engineering information.  They have been a huge part of our cultural transformation."

Corporate Engineering Manager, Anadarko Petroleum

We appreciate the modular approach to OESuite™ software. We started with 5 modules and will grow our system in accordance with our needs. With the large number of available modules, we plan to use OESuite to help us standardize plant processes and 'raise the bar' for operational excellence."

Risk and Reliability Manager, LSB Chemical Corp.

Operational Sustainability has quickly become an important business partner for our company. We implemented the Learning Management System, CAPA and Task / Compliance Management modules in 2015 and will have MOC and Incident Management / BBS implemented in 2016. Their team is fantastic to work with and we have had fantastic results."

MIS Director, The International Group, Inc.