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Industries We Serve

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Case Studies

  • IGI: Finding and Implementing an Integrated MOC, CAPA, Incident Management, and Learning System that can Successfully Scale with the Organization

    IGI Waxes (IGI) had been using a discrete Learning Management System in two facilities. In late 2014, the company decided it needed to expand to a company-wide implementation. As facility leaders and management discussed the existing system and contrasted its capabilities with the desired outcomes, they determined that another solution was necessary to meet the project objectives. IGI undertook a search and evaluation process with an emphasis on finding a system that could scale with the organization, would integrate incident management, CAPA, and MOC with training and learning activities, and that users would embrace. During the evaluation period, IGI became aware of Operational Sustainability, LLC (OS) and its flagship platform, OESuite™.


    IGI sought a more integrated, holistic picture of tasks, incidents, and training. Beyond scalability to IGI's eight facilities, IGI wanted clear, real-time insights into their entire organization's performance against various metrics and obligations. Finally, IGI wanted a solution that could be implemented quickly across multiple facilities and could be customized for their particular operational needs. A committee containing representatives from each IGI site chose OESuite. "The user interface was one key deciding factor in the committee's decision," said Bill Sandblom, MIS Director.


    OS proposed beginning with the CAPA, Incident Management, and MOC OESuite modules. By Q2 2015, IGI and OS had finalized a statement of work and began implementing the modules at the four largest IGI facilities. 2016 through 2017 saw the successful use of the modules in the chosen facilities. Real-time information on tasks and incidents gave key people in the organization performance insight at the facility level. After a successful year-long live test across the four facilities, IGI decided to roll out the modules to the rest of their facilities and add to their OESuite module library. "We've implemented MOC, CAPA, and Incident Management at all of our facilities, and are now moving on to the next phase," Sandblom said.


    "Users like the software and the interface, so they actually enjoy using it. It's easy to enter tasks and incidents and to see obligations. The training staff is very good, and the results have been as we were promised," Sandblom said. IGI is working with OS to adapt a version of the Incident Management module to track and manage any customer-specific issues and is underway with the implementation of the OESuite Audit Mobile module, replacing a legacy audit system. Doing so will integrate tasks related to audits with IGI's CAPA, MOC, and Incident Management obligations, keeping the company current across the entire organization. After the roll out of Audit Mobile, IGI will move forward with Operator Logs, Operator Rounds, and Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) modules from OESuite. "We're now more consistent in how we do business. We've realized efficiency and compliance gains, and can see our performance on key metrics by site. This solution helps us take data and turn it into information so we can make more informed decisions, more quickly," Sandblom said.

  • Moving from Time to Risk-Based Inspection

    A global chemical company with more than 200 facilities wanted to get away from time based inspection and qualitative Risk-Based Inspection to API based RBI. The client spent a significant amount of effort to implement an RBI software solution, but found that the inherent limitations of the technology made it difficult to align with the client's RBI process.


    OS piloted its new RBI software solution and demonstrated the benefits of moving toward an API 581 based RBI approach could help reduce risk. This solution was demonstrated at a large complex operating facility. The client was able to see how a flexible solution that was easy to use could simplify the rigid software solution, while enabling the client to leverage historical inspection data. OS demonstrated the ease of use and deployment, while helping the client reduce inspection costs and risks.


    The client has dramatically improved its asset integrity performance while getting better cultural buy-in.

  • Improving Reliability for a Refining Organization

    A US refiner wanted to establish a corporate-wide reliability initiative to improve equipment uptime. The client had resource constraints and was concerned with the investment that was required to make measurable performance improvements. In addition, the client had a number of cultures it was seeking to integrate, while driving process standardization.


    OS facilitated reliability training. The training focused on criticality, failure modes and effects analysis, and reliability-centered maintenance. In addition, OS was able to help the organization build a new core capability to take ownership of this new capability. As part of the initiative, OS facilitated exercises to apply the fundamentals to specific assets. Finally, OS was able to implement a reliability solution to help the organization capture all the data that needed to be managed to rationalize maintenance tasks.


    The client has dramatically improved its asset performance and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), while reducing maintenance costs.

  • Company Saves Billions on Averted Failures

    A Fortune 500 integrated oil & gas company was having failures of their equipment across their upstream and midstream organization, costing the business an estimated $30-50 billion per year.


    Using an existing production efficiency improvement model, OS improved the process to identify how the client could get out of the mode of logging failures after the fact to proactively anticipating and eliminating equipment defects leading to significant production losses. The failures were caused by both human and equipment error.

    OS was able to move the client from "after the fact" root cause analysis to "proactive" equipment health monitoring and improved reliability of the equipment. As a result the company is implementing the OS work process across its fleet of assets.


    The company is now able to predict and avoid failures of its fleet of assets, saving millions of dollars each year.

  • Mobility – Operator Rounds

    A refining company struggled with mobilizing its workforce. Its existing processes were mostly paper-based and highly inefficient.


    OS developed a set of digital forms and an operator rounds solution to improve operations.


    The client was able to reduce instances of non-compliance and to reduct the overall cost of gathering data in the field. The result was more than a 40% reduction in annual costs for visual inspections. In addition, OS was able to deliver an operator rounds solution to address the company's operational excellence focus on operator-driven reliablity.

  • Mobility – Inspections

    A Fortune 20 oil & gas company has a highly disconnected environment. Clipboards were commonly used as a means for gathering information on the field.


    OS developed a mobile inspection solution to address equipment inspections including an online and offline capability. OS hosted more than 600 gigabytes of data in the cloud.


    The client was able to move away from paper-based inspections and significantly reduce the time required for inspections.

  • Competency Program Development

    A fortune 10 oil & gas company had to address audit deficiencies and requirements to develop a competency program driven by SEMS and OSHA 1910.119.


    OS conducted a gap assessment and created a new training organization for its North American operations. This included staffing of the training department, development of a communication strategy, creation of management systems, coaching of the client, creation of job role maps and competency assessments, and implementation of a comprehensive IT solution for workforce management.


    The client was able to move get into compliance, create a new training organization, and develop a comprehensive competency program.

  • Process Safety Improved After Deploying OESuite™

    A refining client had numerous silos including tools for process safety along with spreadsheets. Due to the silos, the client was unable to manage its process safety program efficiently and was also unable to roll-up information for reporting purposes.


    Deployment of OESuite™, including its core process safety modules, permitted integration of many of the core program elements and subsequent roll-up of leading and lagging indicators leading to more efficient compliance.


    The refiner successfully achieved improved process safety performance. The integrated OESuite™ offering paved the way for the additional modules, to further improve OESuite™ compliance assurance.

  • Client Enhances Asset Integrity Management Systems and Performance

    A Fortune 500 upstream and midstream oil & gas company sought the assistance of OS in defining and implementing an asset integrity management system. The client was experiencing frequent safety incidents and significant failures on equipment assets.


    OS created a situational risk assessment tool as part the overall solution. This solution was used to relate maintenance priorities to the production priority. In addition, OS deployed digital forms technology to enable the client to roll out a Fitness-for-Service program. Finally, OS defined and is in the process of implementing an asset integrity management system (AIM) solution across 37 operations.


    The client has dramatically improved its asset integrity performance. Incidents have been dramatically reduced and the client is poised to move from run-to-failure mentality to preventative maintenance.

  • Process Safety Performance Improvement

    A chemical client sought assistance with facilitating process hazard analysis (PHA) studies. In addition, the client was plagued with paper-based systems and spreadsheets for compliance.


    OS successfully facilitated numerous PHA studies for the client. In addition, OS implemented a PHA, Corrective Action and Management of Change solution in the cloud.


    The client has dramatically improved its process safety performance. The overall quality of PHA studies has been dramatically improved and the client is now able to track its recommendations to closure while significantly reducing past due items.

  • Organizational Change and Competency Enablement

    A leading chemical company struggled with attrition due to the mass exodus of the baby boomers. The client was experiencing significant challenges with resourcing all of its programs due to lack of optics into how to properly enable succession planning.


    OS developed a competency model that defined all of its personnel at several plants. The client was able to identify anchor hires and to properly identify resource needs where this didn't exist before.


    The client is able to properly resource capital projects and continuous operations at several of its key plants. OS will be rolling out this solution at several dozen additional facilities across the globe to further improve the client's organizational sustainability.

  • Strategic EH&S IT Outcome

    A chemical client struggled to develop a strategy for its EH&S management information system (EMIS) needs. OS was hired to develop a comprehensive strategy across its enterprise.


    OS developed a set of detailed requirements, a set of "to be" workflows to address core workstreams, facilitated a system selection and created an implementation plan for the selected solution.


    The client was able to significantly reduce its costs to support its existing solutions. In addition, OS laid a solid foundation for the client to move forward with consolidation of its EH&S IT portfolio.

  • Management of Change

    A utility client sought assistance with improving its Management of Change (MOC) process and management systems.


    OS successfully facilitated workshops to improve the existing management systems for a North American electric utility.


    The client was able to reduce incidents substantially and to manage costly engineering changes.

  • Mobility

    A utility company struggled with mobilizing its workforce. Its existing processes were mostly paper-based and highly inefficient.


    OS developed a set of digital forms including operator rounds to improve operations.


    The client was able to reduce instances of non-compliance and to reduce the overall cost of gathering data in the field. The result was more than a 40% reduction in annual costs for data gathering while enabling proactive work management processes.

  • Work Management

    A utility used a leading Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS), but lacked fundamental information such as an a consistent asset topology, job plans and bills of material.


    OS evaluated the existing CMMS configuration and suggested a best practice for master data management including an asset hierarchy. Later, OS was able to template job plans for their equipment and to suggest integrity operating windows.


    The client was able to tackle the challenge of managing equipment in its CMMS along with fundamental information to determine preventative maintenance on its equipment, while improving operational efficiencies.