Technology / Consulting

We know how to bring operational integrity to your business, and it starts with our technology.

OS delivers the real-time information you need to make faster, risk-informed decisions. What's more, we enable control over operational workflow data and better management processes. Our advisors can apply best-in-class business processes out-of-the-box based upon our years of real-world work. Take advantage of pre-configured templates for OESuite™ modules to expedite implementation and keep your resources focused where they need to be. We provide robust technical content to expedite the transformation.

The result?
Optimized operational efficiency leading to improved profitability.

Our OESuite™ software, is a powerful, integrated solution – one that seamlessly integrates, analyzes, and most importantly, enables risk-informed action based on real-time organizational data.

OS Technology Graphic

And at the heart of it, OS ensures the safe and reliable operation of your assets and sustainable Operational Integrity. Given the myriad of new regulations, companies must manage change and leverage new technology to stay competitive.

Client Success

OS helped us circuitize a complex asset and assisted us with our Risk-Based Inspection Program for an offshore asset on short notice. They really came through in a tight spot for us."

Corporate Asset Integrity Manager, Chevron Corporation